"I decided to make films because I couldn't find other women doing it in my home city. "

Eliciana Nascimento


Eliciana Nascimento is an award winning filmmaker. She holds an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Cinema from San Francisco State University and a BA in Public Relations from University of Salvador in Brazil.  

Nascimento started her career in filmmaking while involved in a women's artistic movement back in the 2000 in her home city Salvador-Bahia. She was responsible for the communications of an women-only conference and had the task to find a "camera-women" to cover the event.  Realizing that that wasn't one single woman with the skills in the city, Nascimento took it as a call to fill in the gap. She found her way not only into learning to use a video camera, but she also created one of the first video production companies in Salvador-Bahia led by an Afro-Brazilian woman.

After creating and collaborating on various video and documentary projects, she moved to the USA to pursue a formal education in cinema. The highlight of her masters in cinema was her thesis film The Summer of Gods.  Since its completion, this film has been the recipient of several significant awards. In 2014 it premiered at the Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner, won the Spirit award and Best Cinematography at the Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival & Lectures Series, and won Special Recognition in Directing Narrative Short at the Black Star Film Festival. In 2015 it won Best Short at both the Plateau - Festival Internacional de Cinema in Cape Verde and the Global Girls Film Fest. In 2016 it received the Diaspora Narrative Short Film Award from the Silicon Valley African Film Festival and Best Foreign Language Short Subject from the Philadelphia International Film Festival. 

Nascimento's passion as a filmmaker is to create meaningful films that tell untold stories of the people and traditions of the African Diaspora. She is currently at the research and production stage of a narrative documentary titled Oshun Women. The film will feature the stories of Afro-descendant women living in Brazil, Cuba and the USA. It will show how these women deal with issues of race, gender and identity, while looking at the retentions of West African traditions in these countries and, in particular, at the myths of the Yoruba deity, Oshun, as a source of inspiration in the lives of these women.

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